Dredge Doctor TM Rotary Ditching owner

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching Owner. Rotary ditching is quickly gaining recognition as the superior option for ditch management. This means land owners of all types will be seeking a local Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching Owner. In order to meet this demand we are offering experienced machine operators like you the opportunity to purchase your Ditch Doctor TM unit and become your local Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching Owner. We are now actively seeking Owners across all provinces in Canada.
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching
Affordable attachment
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching

The Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching attachment simply connects to your existing excavator an uses the hydraulics for power. Everything you require to be fully operational can be provided by Ditch Doctor TM. For no more than the cost of other attachments you could have a unique service to offer your clients.

Additional business opportunities

The Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching provides a complimentary option for your exisitng clients. They already use you for some work and this will open the door for more opportunities with the people that already trust and like the work you have done for them. Anyone that has water on their land will almost certainly need to manage that water through efficient ditches.

Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching
Quick learning curve

As an experienced machine operator you will find it quick and easy to learn how the Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching device works. Adam Fisher can provide training on the connection and use of the Ditch Doctor.

Adam Fisher Ditch Doctor owner