Ditch Doctor™

Ditch cleaning 
Ditch Doctor™ Atlantic specializes in new ditching technique as well as ditch cleaning and marshland drainage. This method of ditching is unique to Ditch Doctor™ Atlantic and gives customers an alternative to conventional methods of ditching. The no spoil method is environmentally friendly and has minimum impact on surrounding environment and fish habitat.
This method of ditching has proven to hold up for many years. It brings back original drainage elevations in a simple process. Get your property on a maintenance schedule back to the original ditch grades. Ditch Doctor™ can mulch trees and vegetation on ditches and roadsides by changing attachments and effectively cleaning out ditch channels to allow water to flow efficiently leaving vegetation growth on slide slopes preventing further erosion. Allowing for swift drainage of the areas.
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching
  • Marshlands

  • Tree lots

  •  Roadways

  •  Railways

  • Infrastructure