What is the Dredge Doctor TM?

Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching method is used to create, restore and maintain efficient ditches........ and is gentle to the environment. It is an attachment used with a hydraulic excavator as a faster and more cost effective alternative to the conventional ditching method of bucket and excavator. One of the major benefits of the Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching method is that the spoil is self- leveling so there is no need for any additional handling of the spoil.  It produces an immediately viable ditch requiring less maintenance once established and significantly reduces the impact on the local environment. The vegetation on the slope of the ditch is not disturbed preventing erosion of the evenly distributed spoil back into the ditch. The Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching method can also create a two stage ditch.
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching

Water for crops and dry land for animals to graze on is the backbone of many farms. Managing water drainage on the land is a major priority for every farmer. Only with viable and well maintained ditches can farmers produce higher yield and take full advantage of their acreage.

Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching

Infrastructure has to take into consider the fluctuations of water during all four seasons. This is especially important for roadside ditches, highway underpasses and buildings. They all need to have water taken away safely and effectively for them to last the time they were originally designed for.

Ditch Doctor Case Study Roadside in Nova Scotia
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching Attachment
Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching
Land Owners

Private land owners are responsible for managing the water levels on their land themselves. Coastal areas, large industrial sites and private property often need water managed and the ditch is the primary solution. This can be industrial commercial or residential land owners.

Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching

There is no project too large or small for the Ditch Doctor. Essentially anywhere an excavator can go so can a Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching operator. Because the spoil is evenly distributed on the slopes and the vegetation is left undisturbed the immediate results are excellent and the long term viability superior to traditional method.

Dredge Doctor TM Case Study

Roadside in Nova Scotia