Ditch Doctor TM Case Study - Roadside in Nova Scotia

Ditch Doctor Case Study Roadside in Nova Scotia
Ditch Doctor Case Study - Roadside in Nova Scotia

The client is a large store in Masstown that has thousands of visitors a year. They are just off the main highway on a busy intersection where people often stop for a break and stretch their legs when on a long journey or passing through the area. A large field at the front of the property offers the perfect location in the warmer months for people to enjoy. The problem they were experiencing was large volumes of water from the road surface combined with large water run off was not draining away. The ditches were filled with silt and vegetation making them unable to mow and maintain the front of the property. They required the existing ditch that had become blocked and overgrown with vegetation be restored. The shape of the ditch would need to handle both large volumes of water in spring and also remove standing water other times of the year. Minimal impact to the local environment and traffic during the project was also important.

Ditch Doctor Case Study - Roadside in Nova Scotia
Ditch Doctor Case Study - Roadside in Nova Scotia

The solution was to access the ditch from the roadside allowing the spoil to be thrown on to the field opposite. As the ditch had been established in the past it was possible to reshape just the lower level of the ditch back to a more efficient contour. In this case there was no need to amend the exisiting slope of the ditch and there was no major debris that could not be handled by the Ditch Doctor TM. The intention was one single and continous pass systematically removing the material causing the blockage and reshaping the ditch at the same time. Traffic would managed by cones and no additonal trucks would be required.

This project was completed on time and on budget. There was no need for additional trucking away of the spoil and reducing traffic congestion provided a safer work zone. This enabled only the hard shoulder to be shut also reducing traffic congestion. The water run off from the main highway is now managed more efficiently and now culverts are working at full capacity. The land remains free of standing water and they are able to mow right to the edge keeping vegetation controlled and insects minimized. The area is now manageable and more presentable for their business.


The area had become filled with silt and vegetation. Water levels increased and the area became impossible to maintain. The area was saturated with water.


Ditch Doctor TM was able to control where ditch spoil was deposited as needed ranging from 3 meters to 20 meters and self levelled.

1 month later

Vegetation grew through it in no time and the area quckly become manageable.

One year later

Vegetation quickly grew through material that was deposited from the clean out and the area is now manageable to the ditch line.