Hire a Dredge Doctor TM Rotary Ditching operator in your area.

You can hire a Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching contractor for your ditching requirements. To find your nearest Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching operator simply click on the tab for your province. As we expand our network of Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching operators we will update this directory.
Free no obligation quotation

We have extensive experience of knowing just how much work will need to be done and how long it will take. If you have a local Ditch Doctor TM operator in your area a free no obligation quotation is the best place to start.

No need for expensive trucking

In most cases the contents of the ditch do not need to be trucked away or piled high on your site. It is evenly spread across your land. This saves time, money and is more gentle to the local environment.

Fast initial work and maintenance

Depending on your specific requirements the Ditch Doctor TM can create an initial ditch then all you require is the occasional maintenance. Because of the way the Ditch Doctor TM works you save on both of these stages as it is faster and requires no additional equipment in most cases.

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