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Komatsu PC200

One of the lightest pound/square inch excavators in the Atlantic region with a weight of 3.75 pounds per square inch of track surface area and a custom-built head (Ditch Doctor). This custom-built twin-engine Komatsu PC200 is able to go and drain areas others only dream of. We also have a 5’ Bragg HD Flail Forestry mower which can pulverize alders and heavy brush to shred quickly and efficiently.


Drainage Solutions we can mulch vegetation and trees around drainage ditches on all forms of infrastructure and with a quick change over time. Change out attachments and install Ditch Doctor attachment to do a drainage cleanout. The only machine in the Atlantic region with this capability. 

  • large scale drainage projects

  • infrastructure maintenance

  • railway drainage

  • highway drainage

  • farmland drainage

  • rural and municipal drainage

  • blueberry fields

  • golf course

  • flail forestry mowing

  • watershed areas

  • cranberry bogs

Ditch Doctor™ Atlantic

This custom-built twin-engine wide pad LGP excavator offers lightweight maneuverability. Performance of 3 machines and versatility to make your property have a makeover that won’t only be pleasing to the eye but increase value and productivity to property, farmland or blueberry land allowing it to cut bushes/clean ditches spoil free and replace culverts with one machine. Returning infustructure, roads and railroad bed foundations to hold up for many years to come. Think ahead of what steps will have to be taken to rebuild these structures. Large swamps and cat tale groves can be efficiently drained allowing areas to dry up. Get on a maintenance schedule now. Consulting available. Call today!

Bush Cutting

Ditch Doctor features a 5 foot HD Bragg Flail Forestry mower that mulches all materials into chips. Our priorities are attention to detail and to make sure the customer is satisfied each time the job is done. Let us make your property look like a park by restoring its beauty. This machine is capable of mowing and mulching trees and vegetation up to a 4-inch tree. It prepares blueberry land ready for harvesters, widens existing roadways that have grown in by exposing the ditches.


  • Blueberry land

  • Road ways government/ private

  • Building lots

  • Alders (I hate alders)

  • Land improvement

  • Tower sites

  • Provincial Park

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