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This Linkbelt 3400 CII Long Reach Excavator with extension makes it capable of reaching 85 feet. It is well balanced and time and time again proves to be an asset to all jobs it works on moving earth or objects efficiently and with precision accuracy. Allow Dredge Doctor's Linkbelt 3400 make the large jobs you weren’t sure how you were going to do, get done!!


Whether it be placing a large machine on a rock face or setting on mats in the middle of a swamp, Adam Fisher makes the right decision and makes the large machine adapt to its surroundings safely and efficiently getting to the job and hand and stating on budget. Satisfaction guaranteed. Let me make your large jobs get done!


Dredge Doctor is a Nova Scotian based company that specializes in Custom Long Reach Excavation. With a total reach of 26 meters (85’). We have the longest reach/tonne excavation equipment in the Atlantic Region.

We have the expertise to reach the hardest of areas on land or water that cannot otherwise be accessed without the use of a barge.


Put me on a barge! Put me on a trestle! Put me on a bridge! Put me on a wharf or even land base dredging. If you have material to be removed, Adam Fisher can help you do this on your terms and following your schedule. Consulting available. Extension to 85 feet available/various bucket, will subcontract. 

  • Lagoons

  • Ponds

  • Channels

  • Wharfs

  • Cofferdams


Do you have infrastructure that needs repair or new construction plans in the future? We have the equipment and knowledge to complete these projects no matter how large the job. Done right/done on time. Guaranteed. Consulting available.


  • New dykes

  • New abbiteau

  • Repair old abbiteau

  • Dyke toppings

  • D-U ponds

  • Specialized excavation

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Glenhome, NS B0M 1G0

Tel: 902-662-2234

Fax: 902-662-3898

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